Supplementary Manpower

On receipt of Job Order, we shall make available to any or all of the categories of professional personnel, Consultants and Senior Specialists of:

Geological/Geophysical Specialists, Seismologists, Survey Specialists, Navigation Specialists, HSE Crew Auditors, Technical Crew Auditors, Potential Field Specialists, Technical Specialists, Petroleum Engineers, Senior Drillers, Rig Mechanics, Barge Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Rig Superintendents, Riggers, Program Development & Evaluation Analysts, Well Control Experts, Technical Coordinators, Tool Pushers, Planners, Material Expeditors, Emergency Control Center Operators, Deep Desert Navigators, Journey Management Center Operators

We equip all our personnel with all required items to conduct their job specified in work scopes in the most safe, professional and efficient manner.