• To become a recognized oil and gas solutions provider in the Kingdom and GCC region
  • To achieve and maintain steady revenue growth for all stakeholders
  • To continuously pursue new business opportunities in the region
  • To support our customers and partners in achieving their business objectives
  • To create employment opportunities for the nationals
  • To deliver technology and services through continuous Research and Development
  • To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of upstream/downstream services and diversified businesses while focusing on customer satisfaction providing quality, service value, and cost effective solutions
  • To contribute towards the society and in developing a highly skilled national workforce


  • To regulate all expenditures ensuring maximum economy of the budget
  • To efficiently manage and operate all businesses and generating adequate internal resources to meet all necessary costs and project expenditures.
  • To develop long-term corporate plans for adequate growth of the Company and all related businesses.
  • To successfully complete all planned projects with allocated budgets.